Eco-gestures... and good addresses...

Our advice... common sense... towards sustainable tourism!

The common laundry

You have a laundry room with unlimited access during your stay.Of course, this machine is energy-efficient.For the future of our planet, we ask you to use it wisely and to prefer the program adapted to your laundry to avoid overconsumption of water or electricity.

Water, a rare resource

As you know, water is an increasingly rare resource.We know that holidays make you want to relax and spend more time underwater...But be reasonable, our planet is not on vacation, let's preserve there!

To move

The island of Ré is well known for its bike rides...This is a good opportunity to leave the car in the parking lot and use only your feet and bike to move:You do good to your body and you preserve your planet!! Beautiful, isn't it?!!

The leaflets...

When we arrive at the tourist office, we always want to leave with the maximum of leaflets, cards, leaflets... take what you really need....Yes, paper is recycled... but we continue to destroy forests every day, to produce paper...Thank you for our forests!!

The activities

The island of Ré is full of outdoor activities! Windsurfing, catamaran, surfing, cycling,... So many sports and activities that have a very limited impact on our planet!

Household waste

Like at home, you continue to produce household waste.Glass bottles must be deposited at voluntary collection points, one of which is located at the bottom of Avenue du 8 Mai (at the small roundabout).The yellow tray receives cardboard and plastic packaging.The green bin receives the rest of the waste, in a well-closed plastic bag.We thank you for sorting with kindness.

Swimming pools

For houses equipped with a swimming pool: the temperature of the pool drops considerably at night.In order to avoid overconsumption of electricity to heat it, we ask you to cover the pool when you are not using it; at night, but also during the day, when you are absent for several hours.This also avoids evaporation, but also that the treatment is less effective and thus promotes the development of bacteria.


Before becoming a residence, Le Clos des Flots was a set of small independent houses built or renovated gradually with the constraints of the existing. We have done our best, for ease of accessibility for all, but some houses are not suitable for people with reduced mobility and we apologise for that. We therefore suggest that you contact us by phone to better guide you on the house that will be most adapted to your needs and that your holidays are the most successful!

Our good addresses... and many more!!

La ferme des producteurs Ré-Unis

Afin de privilégier le circuit court, tout en préservant la santé financière de nos paysans, nous vous recommandons La ferme des producteurs Ré-Unis !Vos papilles vous remercieront !

Les Vélos de l'île de Ré

Se déplacer à vélo, le maitre mot pour des vacances réussies! Voila un partenaire de confiance pour vous promener avec un vélo de qualité et fabriqué en France !

Les SalicorniersAdd a title

Producers of sea salt and fleur de sel in the municipality of Ars en Ré since 1995, we invite you to discover our products here.

La Cabane Océane

From production to tasting... The Oceane cabin is present on the markets and by the water for an unforgettable tasting...